Amethyst Stone


Metaphysical Properties: 

It has a varitey of metaphysical properties. It is commonly used with dream work and past life regression or to help heal your inner child. It is a protection and claming stone. It can help with insomina and headaches. 
Amethyst jewlery attracts love and happiness.
 Element: Water.
Associating Planets: Neptune & Jupiter
 Astrology Sign: Pisces 


If you are trying to quit smoking carry a piece of amethyst in your pocket could help kick the habbit. 
Place Amethyst under your pillow or on your night stand to help with insomina and nightmears. 
Rubbing Amethyst on your head and wearing jewlery with Amethyst in it can help with headaches. 
Helps with the pain caused by arthitis.
Protects your aura from negativity.